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Winter Horse Care: Tips For Adding Weight

Winter Blanketing – Michigan Large Animal Associates, P.C.

Winter Horse Care: Tips For Adding Weight

Putting Weight On Your Horse!

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What Is The Fastest Way To Put Weight Back On A Horse?

What is the most efficient method to help a horse regain weight? To facilitate weight gain in a horse, it’s crucial to ensure they consume more calories than they expend in energy. This can be achieved by offering high-calorie foods rich in both protein and fat. However, one key aspect in this process is ensuring the horse has unrestricted access to quality forage. This is essential for all horses but especially critical for those facing challenges in maintaining a healthy body weight. Adequate forage intake not only contributes to calorie intake but also supports overall health and well-being.

Is It Normal For A Horse To Lose Weight In The Winter?

Is it common for horses to experience weight loss during the winter months? Indeed, it is quite typical for a horse’s metabolism to increase in order to maintain its body temperature in colder weather. This uptick in metabolism can lead to weight loss, especially in horses that are already thin and lack sufficient fatty insulation to combat the cold. However, this weight loss may not always be immediately apparent, as it can be concealed beneath blankets that are not removed daily. By the time this weight loss is noticed, it can present a significant challenge to reverse. Therefore, it’s essential for horse owners to be vigilant and take proactive measures to support their horse’s health during the winter season.

What Can I Give My Horse To Gain Weight?

If you’re wondering how to help your horse gain weight, it’s essential to provide them with the right nutrition. One effective strategy is to feed them a diet consisting of 2% of their body weight per day, primarily composed of alfalfa hay. Alfalfa is rich in nutrients and can be instrumental in assisting horses, especially hard keepers, in maintaining and even increasing their weight. In addition to alfalfa, it’s advisable to incorporate sources of healthy fats into their diet. This can be achieved by including items like vegetable oil, flaxseed, or rice bran, as they are all high in beneficial fats that can contribute to healthy weight gain. By combining these dietary adjustments, you can provide your horse with the necessary nutrition to support weight gain and overall well-being.

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Winter Blanketing – Michigan Large Animal Associates, P.C.
Winter Blanketing – Michigan Large Animal Associates, P.C.

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Putting weight on your horse!
Putting weight on your horse!

Add oil to your horses diet such as soya oil, corn oil or vegetable oil. Oil is a good source of concentrated fat and calories, start with just a drop and build up to 150-200ml per day.To put on weight, a horse needs to consume more calories than he burns in energy, which means providing high-calorie foods that contain both protein and fat. Free access to good forage is essential for any horse but particularly critical for those that struggle to keep weight on.A horse may lose weight when his metabolism ramps up to keep him warm—especially if he is already thin and has less fatty insulation from the cold. But the weight loss may go unnoticed, hidden under blankets that aren’t removed daily, and by the time it is detected, it can be difficult to reverse.

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